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Personalities in Urdu

You’re Warm Welcome at MyZaicha, Read all Your Personalities with the relation of Stars, Sun & Moon. Zodiac Termanology describes in the broad way to know about personality according to the date of birth. The human’s nature is made, as they always wanted to know about there own personality, bad and good side, their way of thinking, their lucky stones, stars they can follow, what is upcoming in next year, month, week, tomorrow and today.

So, here at MyZaicha we are sharing all stars personalities in Urdu and English of all twelve horoscope signs including Aries (The Ram) (حمل), Taurus (The bull) (ثور), Gemini (The Twins) (جوزا), Cancer (The Crab) (سرطان), Leo (The Lion) (اسد), Virgo (The Maiden) (سنبلہ), Libra ( The Scales) (میزان), Scorpio (The Scorpio) (عقرب), Sagittarius (The Archer) (قوس), Capricorn (The Sea-Goat) (جدی), Aquarius (The Water Bearer) (دلو), Pisces (The Fishes)(حوت).

Read, Understand and share with friends and families. Thank You